Having a good sense of humor can make life more fun. You may even be able to make a bad situation a little better. The best part is, being funny isn’t very difficult. The secret is in knowing what makes people laugh.

There are many different things that are funny. These include practical jokes, puns, and funny news clippings. But there are also things that aren’t funny. For instance, a joke about riding in a helicopter might be funny, but not everyone will find it funny.

Throughout history, scientists and philosophers have been trying to figure out what makes something funny.  One of the earliest theories was that humor was akin to dissection. Humorist E. B. White believed that jokes could be dissected like a frog.

In the 1970s, researchers from the University of New Mexico tested the IQ of comedians. They found that comedians had a higher verbal intelligence and wit than other people. In addition, comics also scored higher in areas of cognitive ability. Interestingly, they found that comics who were female scored an average of 126, while male comics scored an average of 138.

The best comedians have also always carried a notebook to jot down funny thoughts and ideas. Great comedians also often carry scrapbooks with news clippings. They’ve been known to write captions for cartoons. This practice helps them become more creative and improves their comment skills.

The best way to be funny is to practice. Start with simple stories around the water cooler. Then, take some improv classes and try a few written jokes. Finally, you might want to offer to write a wedding toast. You can also watch other people’s comedy to learn what makes people laugh. You may even find that you can be funny by mocking other people.

When you’re looking for ways to be funny, look for things that aren’t obvious to others. You’ll be surprised at what you can find. Also, don’t stay on one subject too long. It’s not very funny to be serious all the time. Taking a different perspective can open up your creativity.

Comics know how to create tension and diffuse it. They’re also adept at reading anything funny and relating it to daily life. This can also make you more believable as a comedian. The most successful comics also have multiple personas. They’ll switch from one character to another to make their story more original.

There’s also a lot of science behind being funny. Humor has been studied for centuries and it has been linked to cognitive ability, fitness, and even national history. This means that the culture and way of life in a nation will also play a large role in what’s funny. It also means that some people are naturally funny and others develop their comic abilities over time.

The key to being funny is being genuine. The best jokes cover deep human emotions and are funny because they resonate with the audience. But it’s also important to be careful about the jokes you make. Some jokes may be too serious or offensive. Also, it’s best to avoid jokes that are based on sacred cows.