pendant lamp paper

Paper pendant lamps are a sculptural twist on traditional light fixtures that offer aesthetics, functionality and ambience in one. Available in a variety of styles, they add a lighthearted element to any room. The light fixtures can be used as standalone pieces or grouped together for a dramatic focal point.

These lights are a great addition to any home, especially those with eclectic decor or a contemporary aesthetic. The delicate construction, which is usually made from rice or wheat paper, lends a lightweight feel to the fixture. These designs are versatile and can work in a variety of spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Akari Pendant Lamps

Isamu Noguchi is most well known for his sculptural works, but he also designed a line of electric light fixtures that used the Japanese art of origami to create wavy-form shades. He called these lights Akari, which means weightless. These lamps were meant to evoke the beauty of Japanese tatami mats, which are woven floor coverings that serve as the basis for most traditional Japanese homes.

While original Akari lamps can cost a fortune, you can get reproductions for less. Design Within Reach offers a $89 paper lamp that’s a Noguchi-inspired design, while Urban Outfitters and IKEA have paper lights for less than half the price.

Origami Paper Pendant Lamps

Have you ever seen photos of beautiful pendant lamps in magazines that come with expensive paper lampshades? I know I have. But the good news is, you can make a gorgeous DIY paper lampshade for almost free.

Origami paper pendants are a fun way to introduce a new lighting style into your space without breaking the bank. You can create them from just two paper grocery bags, or use any size of paper you like. You can even customize the cords to match your home’s decor!

The perfect addition to any home, this stylish bell-shaped paper light is the ideal way to illuminate your space. It can be hung as a centerpiece above a dining table or as accent lighting in a bedroom, and it looks great with white or off-white color schemes.

Hanging clusters of pendant lights is a great way to create a statement and give a room some extra drama. Australian designer Briony Fitzgerald hung this cluster in her entryway, and it instantly created an elegant but casual ambiance that works with the space’s natural light.

Cloud Softlights

Another design concept, cloud softlights are a collection of honeycomb-like pendants and mobiles that combine to form an expansive canopy of soft, luminous forms. They diffuse light, offering soft illumination that is ideal for reading, working and eating.

Unlike conventional pendant lights, these fixtures have no metal components to reflect light, and they are energy-efficient. They also dissipate noise, making them a great choice for spaces that are sensitive to sound.

These lights can be a great addition to any modern space, and they are easy to install. Just choose the shape and style that you prefer, then choose a paper bulb or LED light source to complement it. Once you’ve chosen your lamp, you can use a simple ceiling hook to mount it and a ‘U’ staple nail to secure it in place on the ceiling.