modern style interior design characteristics

In modern style interior design, the primary focus is on performance over fashion. It focuses on uncluttered spaces that keep your stress levels low and make your house more inviting. The design style is also known for its reliance on functionality and natural materials.

The style is influenced by German and Scandinavian architecture and design. It also follows the Bauhaus philosophy and belief that art and decorative pieces should be functional and beautiful at the same time.

1. Clean lines: Unlike Victorian or renaissance styles, modern designs embrace straight lines. This means that they’re often streamlined and don’t feature arches, ornate columns or window shutters.

2. A focus on natural materials: Modern style designs are characterized by a focus on natural materials like wood, concrete, metals, and leather. The use of raw materials gives your home a simple, natural feel and helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3. Neutral colors: White, beige, gray, black and pastel tones are all considered neutrals in modern interior design. They help keep a space clean and bright, and they work well with a variety of furniture styles.

4. Open floor plan: Instead of dividing rooms with walls, modern design uses furniture to separate areas in an open layout. This can be done by using a kitchen island or a sectional sofa in an open living room to bring definition to the space.

5. Organic materials: Natural materials are a staple of the modern style. They add texture and color to the room while enhancing the overall feel.

6. Natural light: The most popular modern style features are those that encourage the use of natural light. This means that windows are frequently used as a way to let in sunlight, which makes the rooms feel more airy and open.

7. Stainless steel and chrome: The use of chrome in modern interiors is another key characteristic. This shiny metal is often seen in table chairs, doorknobs and other hardware.

8. Leather upholstery: The use of leather in modern design is another important feature. It’s often found in sofas and chairs, and it has become more popular as furniture designers shift away from bulky, over-sized styles to sleeker, more contemporary ones with clean lines and smooth surfaces.

9. High-quality finishes: The use of smooth and polished metals is another key feature of modern design. This includes chrome and stainless steel, which are widely used for faucets, cabinet handles, lighting and accessories.

10. Texture: The use of a wide range of textures in modern design is also a popular choice. You can choose from textured wallpapers, fabric or leather.

11. Plants: Leafy plants such as orchids in sleek black or chrome pots are an easy way to incorporate a natural element into your modern decor.

12. Conclusion: According to Statista, the most popular home decor style for 2020 was modern, with traditional styles trailing behind it with a 6% gap. This indicates that people are still interested in the modern style, and it’s expected to continue to be a top choice for many years to come.