Bert Frank Lighting is a British lighting brand known for its innovative designs and timeless elegance. Founded in 2013 by designer Robbie Llewellyn and entrepreneur Adam Yeats, the brand has quickly become a go-to brand for architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts.

The Beganing of Bert Frank

The story of Bert Frank began when Robbie Llewellyn was working as a furniture designer and started to experiment with lighting. He loved how lighting can create mood and atmosphere and how it can be both functional and beautiful. Llewellyn’s designs caught the attention of Adam Yeats, who had a background in business and marketing. Together, they founded Bert Frank Lighting.

Design Philosophy

Bert Frank Lighting’s design philosophy is all about contrasting elements. The brand loves to mix traditional and modern, masculine and feminine, and rough and smooth. The result is products that stand out and make a statement. Bert Frank Lighting is known for its use of materials that are rare in lighting, including antique brass, smoked glass, and quilted leather. The brand is inspired by mid-century design, but its designs are contemporary and fresh.

Product Range

The Bert Frank Lighting product range is diverse and caters to a range of styles and spaces. The brand offers chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, and more. Each product is handcrafted in the brand’s UK workshop and is made using locally sourced materials. The brand has a strong reputation for quality, and its products are built to last.


Bert Frank Lighting has collaborated with a range of designers and brands. One of its most notable collaborations is with the London-based Roksanda Ilincic, who is known for her bold and colorful designs. The collaboration resulted in the collection of lighting that featured Roksanda’s signature colors and shapes.

Awards and Recognition

Bert Frank Lighting has received numerous awards and recognition for its innovative designs. In 2016, the brand won the Best Lighting Product award at the Mixology North Awards. In 2017, it was shortlisted for the Lighting Product of the Year award at the FX International Interior Design Awards. The brand has also been featured in leading design publications including Elle Decoration, Wallpaper, and Architectural Digest.

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