If you’re searching for a high-quality, stylish and practical lighting option for your living space or bedroom, look no further than the IKEA Skurup pendant lamp. The IKEA Skurup is a sleek and modern lighting fixture that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Design and features

The IKEA Skurup is a pendant lamp created for use on ceilings. It features a black, shade-like appearance that is modern and stylish in design. The lamp is made from durable steel and has a modernized look with a sleek black finish. The shade is detailed with small holes, which allows the light to shine through the shade and cast beautiful patterns on your walls.


Installing the IKEA Skurup pendant lamp is quick and easy. First, you have to remove the bulb from its packaging and unscrew the end of the lamp. Then, insert the bulb and screw the top of the lamp back on. Once this is complete, the lamp can be mounted on the ceiling using the pre-assembled holes on the bottom of the lamp. The height of the lamp can be adjusted, making it easy to achieve the perfect lighting for your space.

Lighting Options

The IKEA Skurup pendant lamp is available in several versions: the regular IKEA Skurup, the IKEA Skurup with a dimmer switch, and the IKEA Skurup with a motion sensor. All lights work with dimmable bulbs for additional lighting customization.

The IKEA Skurup with a dimmer switch is perfect for those who want to adjust the brightness of their lighting to suit their needs. Simply adjust the switch to increase or decrease the brightness, depending on your preference.

The IKEA Skurup with a motion sensor is ideal for those who want hands-free lighting in their living spaces or bedrooms. The lamp can detect motion within a radius of up to 4 meters, and will automatically turn on when you enter the room. It can also be set to a timer, so the light will stay on for a specific amount of time after the last detected motion.


If you’re looking for a modern and stylish pendant lamp that adds more character to your living or bedroom space, consider the IKEA Skurup. With its sleek design and range of lighting options, this affordable lighting option is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of elegance and practicality to their home. So why wait? Head over to IKEA to get your hands on one of these beautiful pendant lamps today!

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