The living room generally has a main light and auxiliary lights such as downlights, LED light strips, and floor-to-ceiling decorative lights for embellishment. In general, the main lights in the living room are bright and gorgeous, and the auxiliary lights are preferably warm colors. In individual conspicuous positions, you can put some decorative lamps of other colors appropriately to make the living room more colorful and flexible.

So how to choose and buy these lamps?

The selection of living room lamps

  1. The entire lighting design of the living room, the matching of lamps and lanterns should reflect the outline of the living room, the sense of hierarchy and the sense of space, and can highlight the three-dimensional color beauty. These effects can be achieved by lighting methods, light sources and types of lamps.
  2. Avoid buying lamps with exposed light sources, because such lamps are prone to glare and make people’s eyes uncomfortable.
  3. The knot of the lamp is as simple as possible, and the installation is convenient, which is convenient for loading and unloading and for some daily cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Choose lamps with 2700K-4300K ​​warm tone light source, which will make the room feel very warm, highlighting the warm effect of the family.

the space matching of living room lamps

Generally speaking, the lighting configuration of the living room will use the interactive matching of main lighting and auxiliary lighting to create the atmosphere of the space. The main lighting provides light in the living room. Usually, the light source for this task is the chandelier or ceiling light from above, which can be matched according to the style of the occupant.

Living room lighting style design

The Nordic style is simple and calm, which is suitable for the collocation of minimalism. Italian design emphasizes the sense of design and texture, which complements the post-modern style. Austrian or Irish crystal lamps are appropriately combined with neoclassical and Victorian styles; Spanish rough ore, after the work is completed, is a representative of elegance and luxury.

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