Nowadays, more and more people are installing stair stepping lights in their homes, which are more beautiful and have more types.

How should the stair step light be designed? Let’s take a look at the 3 most common types of stair tread lights!

TOP1:the side foot lighting

The side foot lighting is intelligently sensed by the human body. It will automatically illuminate when it is close to the night light sensing area, and it can also intelligently identify the light and dark of the environment.

TOP2:the hidden light under the stair handrail

This is the most simple and direct way, which will make the stairs beautiful and warm, but it can only be used as auxiliary lighting and is not suitable for places with high lighting requirements.

TOP3:the lighting under the stairs

This kind of LED light strip is embedded under the step board, the light is not visible, there is no glare and glare, and it can be controlled no matter what style.

If you still do this kind of built-in extremely narrow skirting line, you have to pay attention to pulling it, and it is not very good to combine the traditional top-mounted lamp with overhangs.

In fact, in terms of minimalist logic, the step lights are directly placed under the steps of the stairs. Using this kind of bottom step lights will be very neat, and it can make the inner skirting line perfectly align with the steps.

When making this kind of step light, we should pay attention to take the light strip into consideration before decoration, because the installation uses embedded parts, after opening the wall, insert the embedded parts and lock them with screws, and stick the light strip to the Embedded in the card slot, and then connected to the power supply. It is best to use the entire strip, or to connect it seamlessly to avoid dark areas in the middle.

The effect of this is very much in line with the minimalist “seeing the light but not the light” feature.

Net red stair step lights are generally more expensive, and the installation process is also more complicated. If you don’t want to be troublesome and want to be beautiful, you can try to make such a side stepping light, which can also achieve intelligent sensing effect, the price is relatively lower, and the effect is very good!

Good-looking stair lighting design can not only enhance the level of space but also enhance the beauty of space.

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