Pay attention to the brightness of the light

ignore the lighting needs

When decorating, everyone is very concerned about whether the lighting is bright or not, because we do not know the lighting needs of each space, we just want to install it first. A friend complained to me that the hidden lights in the ceiling of the house must be regretted after they are installed. They have lived here for more than two years, but they can’t remember to turn them on normally.

This situation is not uncommon. Some people can install more than a dozen lights in the living room of their home, but most of the lights have become dust-accumulating decorations.

Do you really need that many lights in your home? If you live at home for a period of time, you will find that there are actually only a few lights that will be turned on at night. After the renovation, the freshness has not yet passed. Maybe it will be turned on occasionally, but after this period everything will return to normal.


Lighting mainly depends on personal needs, not necessarily the same as other people’s home decoration. The biggest fear when decorating is that you don’t have any ideas or opinions, so listen to other people’s opinions completely, especially don’t ask the construction team to help you design, unless you have seen the home he designed and think it’s pretty good, more than 90% of the construction team They don’t have enough aesthetic vision. They are good at hodgepodge. As long as you like it, you can do it all in your home, and you won’t care whether it matches or not.

So is it OK to leave it to the designer? Many people think that the aesthetics of designers should be trusted with confidence. Whether it is a designer or a construction team, they are indeed experts, but the problem is, the home is yours, not theirs. In the process of design and decoration, they will provide some advice, but in the end it is up to you to decide. If you give all the decision-making power to someone else, things usually go wrong.

It seems that some people like the quietness of the night, and they are used to not turning on the main light when they go home. For such friends, it is enough to turn on the table lamp and the standing lamp. Because of the rich light and shadow atmosphere, they are lit at home. Aromatherapy wax, listening to retro jazz music, and having a drink when you are in a good mood, this is the most suitable lighting match for him. That brightly lit design, even if it looks good, doesn’t suit him.

Of course, there are some people who are not suitable for this kind of dim light, and the light needs depend on the age and living habits of family members. For example, it is not suitable for elderly people and children at home, and it is not suitable for people who are afraid of the dark or have poor eyesight.

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