The ceiling has no main lighting

There is no rule that the main ceiling light must be installed in the center of the ceiling. Knowing the range of “darkness” that you can accept, you can save a lot of silver taels. When there is no main light on the ceiling, the light source can be installed on the wall, or a mobile light source can be used.
So how many lights are appropriate? The most basic lighting requirement is to allow us to see things. As long as you can see easily, that is the minimum requirement for lighting in your home. Relaxation means effortless, otherwise the eyes will easily feel dry and tired.

Everyone’s senses are different. How many lights to put depends on your own habits. The material and lighting method of the lamps will affect the brightness, and the angle of the lampshade will also make the range of light irradiation different. There are 360-degree light-transmitting lampshades, and some that only transmit half of the light. The better lighting is the one that transmits light through 360-degree left and right, which will make you feel brighter.

If it is acceptable that there are not so many lights, a house of 100 square meters can save about 10,000-20,000 yuan. It is better to use this money to buy a good lamp.

If you think the corner is too dark, adding accent lighting will do. The purpose of the ceiling light is to let you see the whole space, not to let you read the words on the book. Some corners are dark no matter how bright the ceiling lights are. It cannot illuminate every corner. It is really expensive and unpleasant to use this method to make up for the darkness in the corners. Therefore, for example, if you want to read a book in the corner, you need to add a standing lamp or a table lamp.

In the bedroom, you can also consider installing the main lamp without the need for local lighting, such as table lamps, bedside lamps, decorative lamps, etc., which can make people relax and help you fall asleep.

Houses with continuous light sources

The same lamps are installed on the corridors that connect the whole building to create a one-piece atmosphere, so that people walking in the house will have a continuous and uninterrupted feeling. This continuous design can also be used for foot lamps. , If the ceiling is not very high, it will be too conspicuous to install the lights at a high place, and there will be a sense of oppression, so you can only install the foot lights, which can fully ensure the brightness of the aisle.

Summary: When installing lights, you should consider the matching of lights. From the perspective of light sources, it can be divided into main lighting and accent lighting. If you only pay attention to the main light, the light source in the house will appear monotonous. The designed and matched lighting will increase the layering and richness. Good lighting not only needs to meet the needs of functions and scenes, but also has the ability to create an atmosphere. Lighting depends on individual needs and depends on the age and living habits of family members, rather than watching other people’s designs follow the gourds. Lamps are containers of light. What you need is not a lamp, but light.

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