Appearance of lamps and lanterns

First of all, the shape of the lamps and lanterns must be coordinated with the size and style of the living room, and the second is to strive for elegance and avoid luxury. The living room is like a person’s face in a house. If the lamps are chosen too plain, it will make people feel shabby. If they are chosen too luxurious, it will definitely cause invisible pressure to the visitors, and they will not let go.

the light of living room lamps

When using chandeliers, pay attention to the uniform brightness of the upper and lower spaces. If the brightness difference between the ceiling and the activity space below is too large, the living room will appear dark and uncomfortable. It is not advisable to use gorgeous multi-head chandeliers in rooms with a floor height of less than 2.6 meters, which is easy to make people feel heavy and depressed, as if the space becomes crowded.

The living room is higher, you can choose a large chandelier with the light shining upward, and you should also keep a certain space between the lamp and the upper part, so as to narrow the gap between light and dark in the space. The living room is low, you can choose ceiling lamps and floor lamps, so that the living room will appear more lively and generous, with a modern artistic atmosphere.

In addition, when choosing the main light, choose the lampshade with the mouth up, the light shining toward the ceiling, and the reflected light will make people feel softer and more relaxed.

Auxiliary lamps in the living room

In terms of auxiliary lighting, it generally refers to small lamps such as wall lamps, table lamps, and standing lamps, which are used as auxiliary lighting to enhance the sense of light layering. Wall lamps are mostly installed in porches, corridors or hallways, mainly for guiding. Many families use wall lamps to decorate corners, making them unique.

When using a floor lamp, the height of the ceiling needs to be considered. If the ceiling is too low, it will make people feel that the light is too bright and not soft enough. Floor lamps are suitable for activities that require concentration, such as reading. If they are indirectly illuminated, they can be interactively matched with different light changes.

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