When it comes to designing a small kitchen, every inch counts. From the placement of appliances to the choice of materials, every decision has an impact on the final result. One often overlooked aspect of kitchen design is the false ceiling, which can add a lot of character and functionality to a small space. In this article, we will explore some innovative ideas for small kitchen false ceiling design in 2019.

Benefits of False Ceilings

False ceilings, also known as drop ceilings or suspended ceilings, are panels that are hung from the actual ceiling to create a secondary ceiling. They provide several benefits for small kitchens, including:

1. Concealing Wires and Pipes

Small kitchens often have limited space for appliances and storage, which means that wires and pipes can easily become visible and ruin the aesthetics of the space. False ceilings can be used to conceal these unsightly cables and pipes, creating a cleaner and more streamlined look.

2. Creating Visual Interest

False ceilings are not just functional, they are also decorative. By choosing the right material, color, and shape for your kitchen’s false ceiling, you can create visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

3. Adding Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any kitchen, but it can be tricky to get right in a small space. False ceilings offer an opportunity to incorporate lighting fixtures that are both functional and stylish. You can choose from a wide range of options, including recessed lights, pendant lights, and track lighting.

Innovative Ideas for Small Kitchen False Ceiling Design

Now that we have established the benefits of false ceilings in small kitchens, let’s explore some innovative ideas for designing them.

1. Mirrored Panels

Mirrored panels are a great option for small kitchens as they can create an illusion of space and light. They reflect natural light and any artificial light fixtures, making the room feel brighter and more spacious. Mirrored panels are durable, easy to clean, and can be customized to fit any size and shape of your false ceiling.

2. Wood Panels

For a more rustic and warm look, consider using wood panels for your false ceiling. Wood panels add texture and depth to the space, creating a cozy atmosphere. They are available in a variety of finishes and can be stained or painted to match the rest of your kitchen’s décor.

3. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a fun and modern way to add interest to your kitchen’s false ceiling. You can choose from a wide range of shapes, including hexagons, triangles, and rectangles, and create a unique pattern that complements your kitchen’s design. Geometric shapes can be achieved with a variety of materials, including metal, PVC, and gypsum.

4. Backlit Glass Panels

Backlit glass panels are a sleek and elegant option for small kitchen false ceilings. They can be customized to fit any size and shape and can be backlit with LED lights to create a dramatic effect. Backlit glass panels are also highly durable and easy to clean, making them a practical option for any kitchen.


Designing a false ceiling for your small kitchen is a great way to add both style and functionality to the space. With so many innovative ideas and materials to choose from, you can easily create a unique and personalized design that elevates your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose mirrored panels, wood panels, geometric shapes, or backlit glass panels, a false ceiling will

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