Krusning is a unique lighting collection provided by IKEA that is all about simplicity and elegance. The design is based on the traditional paper lanterns, but it’s given a modern touch to match our contemporary lifestyle. It’s intriguing how this design has become a hit among lighting enthusiasts over the past few years. In this article, we will explore more about Krusning, its features, and what it has to offer, that distinguishes it from other IKEA lamps.

Overview and Design

Krusning is made of folded paper, which is why it has a textured look and a warm, natural light, unlike other lamps that emit harsh light. The design is unique as it has a spherical shape, which is perfect for glowing any dark corner of your room or placing on your centerpiece. The light radiates through an intricate pattern of folds, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that adds to the overall ambiance of the room.

One of the foremost features of Krusning’s design is its versatility as it can be fixed as either a pendant or a floor lamp. Moreover, the size of the lamp can be adjusted by altering the number of attached paper sheets, according to your preference. In addition, Krusning also comes with a cord set that can be used to assemble it manually, or you can run it through a hanging existing fixture.

Materials and Sustainability

Krusning’s dazzling design and earth-friendly materials make it an ideal choice for an eco-apartment. The material used to make Krusning is paper, which is biodegradable and eco-friendly, unlike plastic-based lamps that are notoriously harmful to the environment. The paper is made of Sulfate (Kraft) paper, Abaca fiber paper, and Sea grass paper, which is sourced and manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. The design, combined with these materials, creates a unique texture and pattern that adds a touch of nature to your home’s decor.

Installation and Maintenance

Krusning’s simple design and easy installation features are some of its USPs. It comes with an instruction manual detailing the installation process, and all the tools required to do it right. The process is simple, and it will take approximately ten minutes or so to set up Krusning dimensions, cords, and spheres. Being a paper-based material, Krusning requires careful maintenance to keep it in good condition. It is recommended to avoid direct heat sources when you put it up and to use a dry cloth to clean it.

Pricing and Availability

Krusning comes in two sizes and is available at most IKEA stores around the world. The smaller option is priced at $16.99, whilst the larger option will set you back $24.99. The cord sets are sold separately, with a cost of around $4.99. Thus, in a reasonable pricing range, Krusning offers both style and functionality for your home.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Krusning is an exceptional lighting choice for those that enjoy decorating and value simplicity, sustainability, and affordability. Its charming design, versatility, and the ambiance it creates add a unique touch that elevates any space. So, if you are searching for a lighting solution that satisfies all of these requirements, Krusning is an excellent choice. Indeed, Krusning’s ability to give your space a warm and inviting feeling with its design elements and earth-friendly materials make it stand from the rest of the lighting collections.

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