The Birth of

If there is one thing that changes regularly in modern society, it is the way we illuminate our spaces. Gantri is a game-changing design studio that creates custom lighting for contemporary and forward-thinking spaces. In 2013, Gantri was launched by three Stanford graduates with one goal in mind – to transform the way we design and purchase our lighting. Gantri was established with the idea that the manufacture of lighting fixtures should reflect the individuality of their clients, and over time, that becomes part of the story of every space.

The Philosophy Behind

Gantri’s philosophy, “Design made personal,” strives to create unique lighting solutions that cater to the personal space of each client. Gantri matches clients with a network of design creators from across the globe, connecting buyers with unique talent and exclusive designs, creating customized products that suit their space and specifications in the best possible way.

Working with 3D printing materials and technologies, Gantri pieces have a rapid availability factor, which allows for quick customization and manufacturing of each product. The future of lighting is here, with innovatively moving the industry into a new era of design.

Gantri’s Unique Selling Points

There are several factors that make unique in the lighting industry.


Gantri uses advanced 3D printing technology to bring complex designs to life. They leverage this technology to produce beautifully crafted and unique lights that are not mass-produced.


With Gantri, customers have the freedom to design their lighting fixtures. Gantri matches customers with professional designers who can develop custom designs based on their needs and preferences, allowing them the ability to create bespoke lighting solutions for their spaces.


At, quality isn’t an afterthought but a top priority. Materials like PLA and plant-based PLA fill the company’s 3D printers to create sustainable products that are both beautiful and functional. Gantri uses only the best materials and partners with factories that maintain high standards, ensuring each product meets the highest quality standards.

Gantri’s Products and Collections

Through Gantri, customers can choose from a vast collection of lights in various categories, including table lights, floor lamps, sconces, and pendant lighting. Their collections are beautiful, diverse, and visually stunning.

The Pebble Collection

The pebble collection is a stunning ensemble of lights that embodies the wistful beauty of beach pebbles. The collection comes in various colors and shapes, and the mottled texture on the surface is designed to capture a sense of the rocks found on the shores of the Pacific.

The Zest Collection

The Zest collection is an excellent example of Gantri’s creativity and innovation. They use a patented construction technique where curved pieces are twisted and interlocked to produce an intricate and beautiful design that radiates gorgeous light.

Gantri’s Impact on the Future of Lighting is pioneering a new era of lighting, where the process of designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures is decentralized and put in the hands of buyers. Gantri’s approach empowers customers to customize lighting solutions based on their aesthetic preferences, allowing them to control the look and feel of their spaces.

Gantri’s impact on the future of lighting does not stop there. With sustainable development being a priority, makes eco-friendly materials like PLA and plant-based PLA a priority in their production process, creating products that are both beautiful and sustainable. With their commitment to a sustainable future, is setting an example of how lighting design can be sustainable and functional.

Final Thoughts is a haven of sorts for anyone looking for beautiful and customizable lighting solutions for their home or office. Their design philosophy and commitment to quality make them stand out in a marketplace filled with generic, mass-produced lighting solutions. With their 3D-printed designs, expert designers, and high standards of quality, revolutionizes how we approach lighting in contemporary society.

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