Gifu Lamp is a lighting design company that produces exquisite, handcrafted lamps inspired by traditional Japanese craft techniques. Their lamps are not only functional but also works of art that showcase the beauty of Japanese design.

The History of Gifu Lamp

Gifu Lamp was founded in 1981 in Takayama, a small town in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The company was started by Shoji Yamamoto, who was inspired by the traditional craft techniques of his hometown. He wanted to create a unique product that would showcase the beauty of Japanese design and craftsmanship.

Yamamoto began by experimenting with various materials and techniques, eventually settling on a combination of metal and paper. The resulting lamps were not only beautiful but also functional, providing a warm, diffused light that was perfect for any interior space.


Gifu Lamp’s lamps are handcrafted using a traditional Japanese technique called washi, which involves using translucent paper made from the bark of the mulberry tree. The paper is layered over a metal frame and is then coiled around the frame to create a spiral pattern.

The washi paper is then hand-painted in various designs, such as flowers, leaves, and geometric shapes. The lamps are finished with a lacquer coating that enhances the colors and gives the lamps a glossy shine.

Varieties of Lamps

Gifu Lamp produces a wide variety of lamps in different shapes and sizes. One of their most popular lamps is the Akari series, which consists of minimalist, geometric lamps that are perfect for modern interiors. These lamps are made from washi paper and steel wire and are available in different sizes and shapes.

Another popular lamp series is the Sakura series, which features lamps that are shaped like cherry blossoms, Japan’s national flower. These lamps are made from washi paper and metal and are available in different colors and designs.

Environmental and Social Impact

Gifu Lamp is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using sustainable materials and crafting techniques. They source their materials from local suppliers and use energy-efficient lighting solutions in their manufacturing process.

The company is also committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs for local artisans and hosting workshops and events that promote traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


Gifu Lamp is a company that truly embodies the spirit of Japanese design and craftsmanship. Their handcrafted lamps are not only beautiful but also functional, providing a warm and inviting light that transforms any space.

By using sustainable materials and traditional crafting techniques, Gifu Lamp is making a positive impact on both the environment and the local community. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful lighting solution, be sure to check out Gifu Lamp’s exquisite collection.

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